ICC World Cup 2019 | We'll be Giving Everything We Can in the Final: Morgan
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Fri, 12 Jul 2019 07:44

ICC World Cup 2019 | We'll be Giving Everything We Can in the Final: Morgan

NEWS18 - CricketNext
Fri, 12 Jul 2019 07:44

Birmingham: Eoin Morgan was a six-year-old kid in Ireland in 1992, the last time England made the final of a World Cup.

ICC World Cup 2019 | We'll be Giving Everything We Can in the Final: Morgan
Twenty-seven years on, he hit the winning shot that took England there once again. They will now face New Zealand in the final at Lords on July 14.It was only fitting, given it was Morgan who led Englands dramatic turnaround in one-day cricket since the lows of World Cup 2015.
Despite them growing from strength to strength in the last four years, England in knockout matches is always a tricky scenario. They found out in the Champions Trophy two years back when they abruptly lost the semifinal to Pakistan.
Growing up in Ireland, Morgan might not have understood the cynicism about England in knockout matches.

"I think were quite cynical people, who never quite give people credit when its due," he smiled when asked if he understood the apprehensions on Englands knockout record in the past. "Theres always a different side to it. We grow up around it. It is the way we are and we sometimes enjoy it too much.
"I think us, as a team, we have learnt to enjoy ourselves, particularly days like this, even if they dont go well. If you had offered us the position to play in a final the day after we were knocked out of 2015 World Cup, I would have laughed at you."

Morgan, though, surely understood what this victory means for the team and the country.

"It sounds pretty cool and it feels pretty good," he said. "The performance in the last three games, we have got better and better as a group. We talked before the tournament that we would have to do that in order to get to a semifinal and final and be contenders. I think today was a step further in the performance and adding on the two that weve built on already, I think it was important that we did that.

"Everybody out there on the field and even in the changing room loved every ball that was bowled. There was no lack of commitment, application and we had a bit of a day out. Its cool when it happens like that, particularly when the bowlers bowl like that, it is awesome."

Morgan pointed to the bowling units performance, calling it close to one of their most complete performances in the last four years.

"When you perform like that, you continue to take wickets, along with a little bit of luck, but we were quite persistent in the lengths that we bowled," he said. "We stuck to our plans, our plans managed to work, even when Smith and Carey started to dominate and grow in the partnership they did, we found something - an opportunity.

"Its been a process for the last four years. In 2015 we were way off the mark, we struggled against the top teams, and the teams that sat below that, so there was quite a drastic change in the way we played and the way we looked at playing our 50-over cricket. That has worked out extremely well for us and given the support that weve had throughout, the ECB, the backroom staff, as players we have taken that as far as we can so far."

Another massive day awaits on Sunday, and Morgan stressed on the need to enjoy the day especially given the final will be on free-to-air television across the country.

"I think Sundays not a day to shy away from, its a day to look forward to, much like today," he said. "We have created the opportunity to play in a World Cup Final. It will be a matter of the same again trying to produce everything that we can performance-wise but enjoy the day.

"Its very cool (that the final will be on free TV). Particularly given the 2005 Ashes for me was sort of the day cricket became cool. Throughout the whole summer, the game was on the front and back page of every newspaper going around, everyone was talking about it and that is really good for the game. Its the game I love so its great news that its on free-to-air."

On July 11 2018, Englands football team were knocked out of the World Cup in the semifinal. On July 11 2019, England beat Australia to enter the cricket World Cup final. Is it coming home?

"I wouldnt get too carried away yet," Morgan smiled. "It is obviously a very exciting time for everybody and ourselves included. I think giving ourselves the opportunity for Sundays final is brilliant. Well be giving it everything we can in order to try and win that game."