Twitter Reacts as Wolves End Manchester United's One-Game Winning Streak With 1-1 Draw at Molineux
Mon, 19 Aug 2019 22:53

Twitter Reacts as Wolves End Manchester United's One-Game Winning Streak With 1-1 Draw at Molineux

Mon, 19 Aug 2019 22:53

​Fifth, seventh, 13th and even 20th.

Twitter Reacts as Wolves End Manchester United's One-Game Winning Streak With 1-1 Draw at Molineux
​Fifth, seventh, 13th and even 20th! Many predictions have been made about where Manchester United will finish in the Premier League this season and few of them were kind to the Red Devils.
Theyre actually in fourth as it stands after their opening day defeat of Chelsea and Monday nights 1-1 draw with Wolverhampton Wanderers. Thats good, isnt it? No?
Nothing is good enough for United fans.
United supporters have had to endure something of a barren period after Sir Alex Fergusons glorious 27-year reign at the helm. There have been some good players since Fergie left, but there have also been some really bad ones.
Victor Lindelof certainly used to be one of the latter. However, hes no doubt improved in the post-Mourinho era. Well, most people think he has, but you can never please everyone...
I wonder if James always counts the number of bad passes played by the Swede.
Still, he wasnt the only person left a little miffed by the performances of certain individuals.
Dan James needs to change his boots.... every time he gets the ball he falls over #WOLMNU

— Darren Hughes (@DarrenHBreedon) August 19, 2019
Poor Daniel James, hes only 21 and still finding his feet in the Premier League, yet football fans dont seem to care. They take no prisoners and this time the Welshman was the target. Maybe its because he dived.
The wingers theatrics failed to earn his side an early spot-kick, but they should still have taken the lead when Anthony Martial arrived at the perfect time to meet Marcus Rashfords delivery...
Martial afraid to head the ball because itll ruin his fade, see what happens when you have players that put Instagram drip before everything else

— Lucky Lefty. (@MohaleRamo6) August 19, 2019
You can probably tell what happened. Yeah, Martial missed.
What could the Frenchman do to make amends? Surely, there was something he could do to make things right with his teammates. Well, there was one way...
50 million down the drain!!! Tony Martial scores again!!!! 

— AKA (@akaworldwide) August 19, 2019
Thats right, his lethal left-footed rifle into the roof of the net gave United a 1-0 advantage over Wolves and brought up his half-century of goals for the club.
A lot of people think thats an admirable achievement...
However, a lot of people dont...
Lmao, martial just scored 50 goals in all comps since 2015 July????藍藍藍藍

— Daddy (@Yemzine) August 19, 2019
Given their troublesome displays in recent years - and that includes 2018/19 - there may have been doubts about Uniteds chances this season.
Nevertheless, a 4-0 crushing of Chelsea put everyone in a buoyant mood, whilst a half-time lead against the Wanderers was also putting a smile on the faces of Red Devils everywhere...
United leaving Wolves with absolutely no breathing room in the first half, clinical performance so far #WOLMUN #MUFC

— Fits (@TheFits7) August 19, 2019
Solskjaer must have been eager to get the second half underway, so his recruits could continue to show their newfound confidence and put their hosts to the sword. Supporters were calling for blood and United went in search of a kill.
Unfortunately, the new man James was a little over-excited in his search for a second goal, accidentally treading on the foot of Diogo Jota...
Daniel James should be off by now. Olé should whip him. Headless chicken running on a yellow won’t end well.

— Red Wolf (@RudiKinsella) August 19, 2019
The vertically-challenged starlet was lucky to escape a second caution, but his team couldnt escape the clutches of a hungry pack of Wolves.
They were given fair warning when Raul Jimenez struck the woodwork, although the strikers frustrations will be nothing compared to those of one punter in particular...
David de Gea got away with that one, but he would soon be picking the ball out of the net as Ruben Neves let loose a dirty long-range effort following a short-corner routine...
Disgusting indeed. It was pure filth from the Portugal international, who continues to shine in a thrilling Wolves lineup.
There are many ways to describe a goal of such quality and others were certainly more eloquent with their praise for Neves.
That little shift from Neves to get the ball out from under his feet to set himself up. What a player  #WOLMNU #wwfc

— Kelly Somers (@KellySomers) August 19, 2019
That’s possibly the greatest set piece corner routine of all time.Finish was bloody gorgeous as well.#WOLMUN #WOLMNU

— Ben Haines (@benhainess) August 19, 2019
Of course, no goal is complete without a nerve-jangling wait for VAR to confirm that no one was 0.1mm offside in the buildup...
So, we can all agree that VAR is the worst thing since unsliced bread, yes? Monday nights referee may disagree...
Jon Moss is about two counter-attacks away from pretending to consult VAR just to get a breather.

— Kristian (@vonstrenginho) August 19, 2019
Moss and his team of officials would call upon the surveillance system for another game-changing decision before the night was out.
Just after the hour-mark, the scores still tied at 1-1, Paul Pogba was sent tumbling to the floor by opposing skipper Conor Coady. VAR was consulted and VAR said pen. Lets just say it was debatable.
So, Pogba was the man to take the responsibility and in classic Pogba style had his spot-kick saved. Some defended him, but most couldnt resist having a dig...
Give #Pogba some credit for how he created that penalty and how well he played in the game. Dont let the missed pen take credit away.United should be indebted to the fact that hes staying despite the quality of that midfield.

— Kaustubh Pandey (@Kaus_Pandey17) August 19, 2019
The bigger issue wasnt the miss, however, it was the childish debate over who should be allowed to take the penalty...
Or maybe the bigger issues were to do with the overall match and not a single incident in the contest. Could it be that Pogbas failure was just one mistake in a sea of errors? Surely not, this is Manchester United!
The penalty was the last of our problems in that game. #mufc

— ManUnitedZone (@ManUnitedZone_) August 19, 2019
Whod have thought Manchester Uniteds midfield would come up short when they neglected it all summer and didnt buy replacements? Shocked.

— Liam Canning (@LiamPaulCanning) August 19, 2019
The final whistle confirmed that the points would be shared at Molineux, leaving the visitors on four points and Nuno Espirito Santos battlers on two. Neither team will be over the moon with that, neither should be too upset.