8 Players Who Would Make Great NFL Kickers at the End of Their Careers
Fri, 18 Oct 2019 18:52

8 Players Who Would Make Great NFL Kickers at the End of Their Careers

Fri, 18 Oct 2019 18:52

​With the news that Carli Lloyd would be keen to become an NFL kicker at the end of her career, here at 90min we thought it would be a good idea to consider others that would suit the role.

8 Players Who Would Make Great NFL Kickers at the End of Their Careers

Couple that with Petr Cechs recent signing as an ice hockey player, and...well, who else could mix it up in a new sport?

Asmir Begović
Where is Asmir Begović? Exactly you dont know. Hes currently on loan at Qarabag in Azerbaijan. Where should he be? In the NFL. The first of two keepers on our list, the Bosnian famously scored just 13 seconds into a match while playing for Stoke.
Hes got a head for pressure too – helpful when theres a whole load of big blokes coming to try and block your kick.

David Luiz
Could you imagine that sweet knuckleball free-kick style as David Luiz goes to hit a field goal? Itd be something straight out of sporting heaven.
True, he isnt as accurate as some of the other players on this list – but it would be amazing for his career. Especially considering his inconsistency in a football shirt, this might be the perfect time for Luiz to move on.
Also, watching him trying to fit that mop of hair into a helmet would be hilarious.​

Hulks quads are bigger than most footballers torsos. Hes built like an NFL player who just hasnt realised that he should be playing the other football. As his career winds its way down in China, where hes wasting his ability, the NFL would be the perfect option.
American fans would go crazy - having a literal Avenger as your kicker. There would be jersey sales everywhere.​

Cristiano Ronaldo
Yes. A pretty obvious pick - but if hes an obvious pick he has to be on the list.
Cristiano Ronaldo has shown (arguably inconsistently) that he can be deadly from free kicks. Remember the goal he scored against Portsmouth, and the one against Spain in the Euros? Exactly.
Imagine, the sales of jerseys it would bring to an NFL franchise, too. Its a no brainer - just need to find a way to pay the humongous wages hed undoubtedly demand.​

Aleksandar Kolarov
With possibly the best left peg in football, Kolarov has made a career out of absolutely battering the ball at goal from set pieces.
Hes shown his accuracy and power all over the continent, for both club and country. Playing for both Roma and Lazio takes a lot of cojones, and Kolarov isnt afraid to ruffle a few feathers.
Would be ideal in the NFL.​

Tim Howard
An American playing Americas biggest sport. Tim Howard is known for his passion on the football field, and hed transfer this over the NFL with ease.
Everyone remembers the goal he scored for Everton, and that proves that his right leg is an absolute cannon. Field goal kicking would suit the man right down to the ground, and he could be a lethal weapon for any franchise.​

Zlatan Ibrahimović
The man just screams NFL doesnt he? Currently playing in MLS and completely dominating, Zlatan would become even more of a household name if he made the switch.
Cool, calm and collected, he would be deadly at kicking field goals and theres no doubt he would be one of the biggest trash talkers in the game.
Coming towards the end of a stellar career, the move would make sense for the big Swede.​

Harry Kane
Deadly in front of goal. Calm under pressure. Knowledge of the game. Harry Kane ticks every potential NFL player box.
The England captain has already spoken out about his admiration for the NFL, and was even pictured at Super Bowl LIII. His right foot would be a blessing to any NFL team looking for someone to kick field goals – oh, and hes actually said he wouldnt mind suiting up in another sport one day.